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What’s better than a $20,000 donation?


Wouldn't it be great to be able to give a charity of your choice $20,000? We would all love to do it, but of course it’s often just not possible to have a spare $20,000 to give away. Well, this year the BrandManager team found a way to be able to help an organisation with even more value than  even $20,000 could buy. So how did we do it, who are we helping and more importantly, how could you do something similar? Please read on to find out …

At BrandManager we have an ‘innovation’s box’ and anyone with an idea for the company can write it down and present it at our next team meeting. Well, last year someone put in the box an idea around working with one particular charity or not-for-profit organisation and instead of donating money, we’d donate our services for a year. This would mean that we would work with them on their branding, website, marketing and online presence for a period of 12 months as well as helping them ‘innovatively’ raise much needed funds. This way we could make a difference, really deliver value and be a part of something too.

Now there were so many great, worthy organisations out there, but one subject that touched us deeply was the issue around young people ending their own lives or just ending up in a situation where school and possibly very little else was able to help them. If they only knew how unique, valuable and special they were and that they could fulfill their dreams and goals - what a difference it would make. Youth is our future and they matter, unfortunately not everyone has a supportive background or network of people to help them in life or access to the great opportunities that most of us are given.


We wanted to work with an organisation in this field, an organisation that helped people to help themselves – and that organisation is called Eagles RAPS Inc. Sally, Marten and the wonderful team at Eagles RAPS are our chosen partner to work along side with this year. RAPS stands for, Recognition And Prevention of Suicide. We believe that all individuals that go through Eagles RAPS are on their way to a brighter future.

We’d love to share our journey with this inspiring organisation - ran by two completely selfless, loving individuals who have devoted the past 18 years in helping youth.

So, here is where our journey begins …

We hope that our story will maybe spark an idea for your organisation to help a charity of some kind where you too can donate your services and give them a much greater value than you could ever donate with cash.  You can even get on board with us and help Eagle RAPS too!

If you want to find out more about Eagles RAPS Inc and the great work they do, please check out their website,



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