Kavanagh Industries is a family owned business established in 1969 and are the leading sheet metal duct manufacturers in Australia. The Kavanagh manufacturing facility located in Smithfield is 17,000 square metres. Kavanagh produce on average between 450 to 650 pieces of duct daily.
The BrandManager has partnered with these Australian firms to deliver tailor-made inbound marketing and brand strategies. More


The Australian College of Commerce and Management had been operating as a Registered Training Organisation of choice since 1996. After conducting a half day Brand Strategy Session with the core College team, BrandManager delivered a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy to re-position the College as the industry market leaders.

It was felt that the brand was looking a little tired and brand refresh was decided along with a repositioning using the tagline ‘your quality training provider’. The Australian College wanted to re-engage with its existing customers, build its profile traditionally and online and refocus its brand messaging across all mediums. More
img-logo-studies1.png Martin Wheeler

Improving our Sales Funnel

Like most users, I felt like i had been scratching the surface of HubSpot for the best part of a year. Andrew took the time to understand our current sales process and re-engineer the way we could use the HubSpot CRM system. It wasn't long before we understood the prospect matrix/fit, how to automate the deal stages using workflows (rather than manual entry), how to simplify our sales stages and start to sequence our communication. He starting us down the right path, to better understanding the HubSpot system and I feel like it’s the first step in making HubSpot really work for us - after one year.

April 20 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Kris Gale

Opening Up The Possibilities

Brand Manager, and Tony Eades, in particular has opened MJA up to the possibilities offered by inbound marketing and the online power of a tool like Hubspot. Thanks, Tony!

April 10 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Brittany Moore

Advance your Inbound with BrandManager

After a thorough review of HubSpot partners (across Australia), we chose BrandManager to manage our Brand strategy and our Inbound campaigns. We have been working with Tony, Andrew, and Liz for over a year and we are signing up again based on the level of service and quality of output we receive from the whole BrandManager team. We intrust BrandManager with four of our brands and have seen incredible results so far.The strategy session helped us understand Inbound methodology and how we need to realign our marketing plan. The diverse marketing knowledge of Andrew and Tony is second to none and even though they developed a 6 month strategy, they broke everything down clearly, so our whole team were on board. It is easy to see the passion within the BM team, and how badly they want to see your company succeed. If you're new to Hubspot,I recomment BrandManager, as they will give you the overall service and support to reach your companies targets.

April 5 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Michael Bermejo

Minerva College

A fantastic company to work with. A highly experienced team with innovative ideas and exceptional implementation. They were able to assist us with all aspects of our marketing strategy, from the development of the website, product brochures, videos, through to landing pages, social media campaigns and Google Ads.

April 4 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Tori Kopke

Experts across inbound and branding.

We presented Brand Manager with several brands that needed to combine under a single umbrella company. They were able to help us not only rebrand, but launch new websites and move to the Hubspot platform. Tony and Andrew visited our rural location and walked us through a fantastic branding and inbound workshop. Their team has a vast knowledge bank of ideas and resources that are truly priceless. As a company, we are about to take another step into a global market that will require even greater marketing expertise. We believe Brand Manager are just the company that we need to guide us as we scale into new markets and face new international challenges.

April 3 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Hayley Beckett

Saved us from a bad experience

We were being let down by The Kingdom, another agency based in Adelaide, that got us started on hubspot, but unfortunately didn't deliver on their promises. We were ready to leave the Hubspot platform at that point, but from the moment we spoke with Andrew at The Brand Manager, we felt there was hope and could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hubspot is a big investment for a small business like and with poor support it can be like pouring money down the drain. Tony, Liz, Andrew and the team helped us get some back and get some inbound strategies and offers in place. We've learnt a lot about online Marketing (and sales) over the past 18 months as a Hubspotter. The Brand Manager played a big part in that process for us.

March 22 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Pat Mc Roberts

Confidence in Brand Manager

From the moment Tony Eades and Andrew Levy from Brand Manager came on board I have been filled with confidence and felt we made a great decision. They are easy to work with, they get stuff done and they have given me peace of mind. I now have a better understanding and a stronger direction with our approach to branding. I highly recommend Brand Manager.

March 1 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Mark Hitch

Brand Manager - Inbound Marketing Proffesionals

I was involved in a BrandManager strategy session for Wheatbelt Steel and WBS Homes. For someone who is new to Inbound Marketing, this strategy session helped me understand the fundamentals of HubSpot/Inbound and how we can transform the way we market. Throughout the session, it became clear on how we can significantly improve leads and acquire new customers for both brands. Tony and Andrew took the time to understand our business, our buyer and sour approach to marketing and sales, before creating a top level Inbound Marketing campaign. The process was very professional, and included goals/targets to keep them accountable. Based on their advice and deep knowledge of Inbound tactics, we have already seen increased results and hit targets just 2 months after launching the first campaign. It was a big shift to transition to Inbound Marketing, but partnering with the right agency has helped us see the reward.

March 1 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Sarah Heaphy

The Inbound Adventure with Brand Manager

If you have reached a flat line in your marketing department and can’t seem to get the company to the next level then I highly recommend The Brand Manager. Tony and Andrew have blown me away with their passion and enthusiasm for inbound marketing. But, it doesn’t stop there, this passion runs through the veins of their entire team. Special credit to “The Man” Isaac who is always willing to help and share his extensive knowledge. This man is a whiz! Also to Liz who is a breath of fresh air to deal with, her creative spark motivates and excites me every time we catch up. Integrating Hubspot through Brand Manager was a breeze and we are reaping the rewards. I look forward to many more years building our business relationship together.

March 1 2017

img-logo-studies1.png Wasif Kasim

Inbound at it's best

If you're after an agency to deliver inbound results - BrandManager is what you need. They're one of Hubspot's top partners for good reason. A team of absolute professionals, a pleasure to work with and great thought leaders. Their expertise in branding, inbound marketing, marketing automation and content strategy will drive revenue results for your business. I worked with Tony & team whilst at King Content - he and his team were instrumental to transforming in moving Hubspot from a mere "email blast" tool to a 360 degree closed loop automation & reporting tool. It was a massive transformation, and one that Tony's team delivered in spades. More importantly, they're a treat to work with. I've often tasked his team with the impossible - and they've made it happen. Our complexities didn't always make me the easiest client to deal with! However, there were never any complaints, nor any excuses - his team just made things happen. Highly recommended.

October 27 2016

img-logo-studies1.png David Koutsoukis

Exceptional Experience with The Brand Manager

My Hubspot experience Tony Eades and Andrew Levy from The Brand Manager has been exceptional. They are great to work with and their guidance with branding, marketing and Hubspot has had a significant positive impact on my business. I have not only increase revenue, but now have greater clarity and peace of mind about what my brand really is, and how I can effectively and efficiently take it to market with Hubspot. They have 'walked the Hubspot talk' since we first met and nurtured me through the funnel until I am now an evangelist for them. They role-modelled the Hubspot process for me that I now use with my contacts. I highly recommend The Brand Manager.

June 20 2015