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Marketing Minute 58: Branding The Apple Way Part Three: Find your niche and stick to it!


Jack of all trades, master of none. We cannot be all things to all people, so identifying your niche is a key move for every brand. But that itself isn't sufficient – the most successful brands in the world go to great lengths to own their niches.


Our five keys to Apple’s brand success from a recent press conference held by Apple’s leaders continues with Number Three – finding your niche.

Forget about trying to be ‘the best at everything’ - find your niche and stick to it! Whatever you do, wherever you are you can ‘own your space in the market place’ – we call this your USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

Firstly decide what your niche will be – what can you do better, smarter or at least a little different to your competitors then be known for that. Whatever it is you don’t need a massive marketing budget to be known for this one thing in your local area of business.

Once you have your niche you need to own it – promote it, market it and create your slogan around it. Apple’s first slogan in the late 1970’s was ‘Byte into a Apple’, in 1990 it changed to ‘the power to be your best’ and then in 1997 ‘Think different’ and 2002 to just the word ‘switch’. What’s the one word you could own in your market place?

I’m Tony Eades from the BrandManager and I’ll be back soon with another Marketing Minute.

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