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Understanding your website’s PageRank

So what is your website’s PageRank? If you’re stuck for an answer then your website might not be working as effectively for you as it could be.

First let’s explain what PageRank really is. Albeit it a little misleading, PageRank is an algorithm that examines your web page and it’s relationships with other websites and gives it a score. A high PageRank (scored out of 10) means your website has a good standing on the Internet and should rank highly in search engines.

Although Google does not divulge how its PageRank algorithm works there are several sites on the internet where you can test your site. If you rank 7 or higher you’re going well, anything 4 or more is good but worth improving upon and if you under 3, it might be worth undertaking a website redesign and SEO analysis to improve this.

If you’re a little concerned now that your website - the online portal for your business - may not be at its best what can you do to fix that?

The good news is, it’s simpler than you think. Here are a few tips to get you started …

  1. Rethink your content – it needs to be high quality and relevant. If your website is about accounting services then create content what visitors want and will share with others. Perhaps provide an EOFY checklist or tips or explanations on changes to laws.

  2. Write a regular e-newsletter to keep your customers up to date on any new content on your blog (a feature of your site) and other important events etc.

  3. Ask other high quality sites to link back to you. You will benefit more from 1 link on a high quality site then 1,000 links from low quality sites. Be wary of link trading though (where one website will link to another in return for a link back to their own) – instead ask other businesses or individuals on social networks to link and tell their friends online to then link back to you.

  4. Provide easy ways for satisfied customers to refer and write testimonials about your product or service. A good referral is the most powerful way to attract new business.

  5. Don’t be afraid of negative comments either. Stay on top of them on your website and social media and act quickly. Identify the problem; offer a genuine, honest response and solution. Chances are you will impress the dissatisfied customer more than they first expected. Just make sure that they respond publicly with their now positive review.

  6. Understand that with a well-written and relevant comment you may receive a few hundred more unique page views. Apply the same practice as you did with links, comment only on high quality sites with relevant content – offer opinions or free information but make sure that your website URL is in your profile.

  7. And finally, avoid devious tactics to improve your ranking. If you’re being promised the number 1 spot in 3 months from an overseas company there is a very good chance it will do more harm to your ranking than improve it.

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