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How Inbound Marketing is revitalising Australian businesses

When inbound marketing strategy first became popular among marketers a little over a decade ago, Australian marketers were less than eager to jump on the inbound bandwagon. While the rest of the world was reaching consumers on previously untapped digital platforms and using their content in innovative ways, it seemed as though the Aussies were, for the most part, still using those old intrusive outbound strategies.

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What makes a winning marketing technology stack?

How does your marketing technology stack up?

Marketing technology is the tool set used to plan, execute, track and measure each and every digital interaction with consumers.

Yet many of us struggle to use the powerful insights hidden deep within the stack.

The rapid introduction of digital marketing channels over the last three decades has transformed the marketing space into a technology-driven discipline.

As marketers we championed the collection of data as websites, search engines, online advertising, social media channels and email were introduced.

We understood that the digital traces created by users were evidence of their intent: the intent to explore, to compare, to enquire and eventually to buy.

How these digital traces are being stored, managed and analysed may well define competitive business development for the next three decades.

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What is marketing automation software and why do I need it?

Taking the plunge into the world of marketing automation is daunting - especially when you have a system that’s worked pretty well for you over the last few years. The thing about marketing automation software is that it doesn’t claim to do anything amazing - that’s your job. All it does is follow your lead. But one thing that is a result of great marketing automation software is the time it gives back to you - which is what makes it so important for professional marketing managers.

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