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17 ways to consistently generate quality content marketing

There comes a time in every marketer’s life, where you draw a blank. I have been in this position hundreds of times as a marketer in Perth. You’re trying to implement your Inbound Marketing strategy, but you can’t think of what to write, however, your readers are expecting another blog article. The pressure is on. You sit down by yourself and rack your brain for hours, only coming up with junk.

If you’ve ever felt paralysed like this, what you need to do is go back to basics – a content marketing checklist – which helps you plan effectively and lays the foundation to generate quality content.

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Choosing between Inbound Marketing and Virtual Reality Marketing

As you work on strengthening your marketing strategy for the upcoming year are you considering whether you should focus more on inbound marketing or virtual reality marketing? If so, you don't have to choose.

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Lead Generation Tactics that Marketers Get Wrong (Part 2)


Leading marketers need to be constantly learning from the campaigns they run in order to avoid making small mistakes that cost the company big in the long term. In Part 1  of this series, I looked at lead generation tactics, or ways of enticing leads into the top of the marketing funnel. In this blog post, I look at how to avoid making mistakes and improve your lead generation results when reviewing the middle and pointy end of the funnel, and focusing on how to hold a lead’s attention.

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Inbound Marketing Pricing v. Outbound Marketing: The real cost


Marketing Managers are in constant pursuit of the perfect strategic recipe of marketing tactics that will attract the greatest number of consumers at the most economical cost. In recent years, inbound strategies have proven to reap greater lead generation and as a result, professionals have adjusted their focus accordingly. If you’re feeling as though you’re lagging behind the curve, you might want to consider what is at stake: Leads.

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Lead Generation Tactics that Marketers Get Wrong (Part 1)


Lead generation is the marketer’s bread and butter, which is why it’s so surprising that some failing lead generation tactics are still in place in marketing strategies. Today, a marketing manager’s job is to keep the funnel full of quality leads; an essential if your company’s revenue is to grow and exceed that of competitors. Even more essential if you want to hold your position in the company.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Marketing Customer Experiences in 2016: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

According to Gartner, by 2017, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator. This blog post will review marketing customer experiences, both good and bad, and explore how inbound marketing methods can lead you to better customer relations, online and offline.

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The New Science of Engagement Marketing

 Why old school tactics don't cut it anymore

The challenges of the digital marketplace can appear at times quite overwhelming for the modern marketer. Like a vast ocean of opportunities where the waters are calm and seemingly inviting one minute, yet stormy and unpredictable the next. For a business, navigating through these ‘uncharted waters’ can be daunting yet for today’s consumer this is their environment where they move at speed, expecting marketers to explore, adapt and invent new ways of engaging with them.

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What is marketing automation software and why do I need it?

Taking the plunge into the world of marketing automation is daunting - especially when you have a system that’s worked pretty well for you over the last few years. The thing about marketing automation software is that it doesn’t claim to do anything amazing - that’s your job. All it does is follow your lead. But one thing that is a result of great marketing automation software is the time it gives back to you - which is what makes it so important for professional marketing managers.

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Advanced Tips for HubSpot Onboarding

You’re here because you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and not seeing the immediate results from HubSpot? Well, you’re not alone. Many HubSpot users at the start are so excited to have the platform, that they jump straight into using the features, to find they are only utilising around 20%-30% of its full capabilities. The general mindset is ‘Jump in early and figure it out later’. It’s only 2-3 months into using the system when you start to feel overwhelmed and things aren’t working out the way you wanted. HubSpot starts to feel like it’s bigger then Ben Hur, so you reach out for some ‘reactive’ support’. The good news is that this post will help you to stop being reactive and start becoming proactive to on-boarding with HubSpot.

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Ad-Blocking Technology: What's the collateral damage to your brand and your reach?

Ad-blocking is a hot topic in 2016 and for marketers the high uptake by mobile device users of Ad-blocking apps presents a real challenge.

How will they survive without advertising revenue?

Ad-blocking technology is forcing us all to rethink our approach to mobile advertising and marketing but is it a disaster? Will we be ruined?

Not necessarily. We’ve seen something similar before, when pop up blockers were added to mainstream browsers.

While we do think ad-blocking is a Game-Changer and will pre-occupy much of our energy and ingenuity going forward this year, Ad-blocking may prove a blessing in disguise.

At face value, ad-blocking represents a consumer-led backlash against the proliferation of intrusive online and mobile advertising.

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