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12 Signs That Your Website Isn’t Improving Your Lead Conversion Rate


Most visitors of your website have short attention spans. 

I can attest to that. If I like what I see, I stay. If I don't, it will add to your less than stellar bounce rate.

Your website has less than 8 seconds to make a good impression, keep me interested and convince me to perform the action you are leading me to make.

This can be an easy task if your website measures up.

How is your website performing? Are you paying attention to the signs that your website content isn't improving your lead conversion rate?

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What HubSpot’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages feature means

As part of the many new feature announcements made during INBOUND 2016, HubSpot announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature. But what exactly is it? And why should marketers care about this feature?

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Topics: Content Marketing, HubSpot, Mobile

Hubspot’s Evolving Content Marketing Strategy Tool

As part of the raft of news coming out of the recent INBOUND 2016 event, HubSpot announced a number of new features, improvements and products that we are excited to update you on. In this post, we look at HubSpot’s Content Marketing Strategy Tool, and how it fits into the wider trends around content and search in your strategic marketing plan.

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Advanced Tips for HubSpot Onboarding

You’re here because you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and not seeing the immediate results from HubSpot? Well, you’re not alone. Many HubSpot users at the start are so excited to have the platform, that they jump straight into using the features, to find they are only utilising around 20%-30% of its full capabilities. The general mindset is ‘Jump in early and figure it out later’. It’s only 2-3 months into using the system when you start to feel overwhelmed and things aren’t working out the way you wanted. HubSpot starts to feel like it’s bigger then Ben Hur, so you reach out for some ‘reactive’ support’. The good news is that this post will help you to stop being reactive and start becoming proactive to on-boarding with HubSpot.

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