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Ad-Blocking Technology: What's the collateral damage to your brand and your reach?

Ad-blocking is a hot topic in 2016 and for marketers the high uptake by mobile device users of Ad-blocking apps presents a real challenge.

How will they survive without advertising revenue?

Ad-blocking technology is forcing us all to rethink our approach to mobile advertising and marketing but is it a disaster? Will we be ruined?

Not necessarily. We’ve seen something similar before, when pop up blockers were added to mainstream browsers.

While we do think ad-blocking is a Game-Changer and will pre-occupy much of our energy and ingenuity going forward this year, Ad-blocking may prove a blessing in disguise.

At face value, ad-blocking represents a consumer-led backlash against the proliferation of intrusive online and mobile advertising.

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The power of micro moments are reshaping the consumer, your brand and the marketing funnel

Many of you are right now setting the course for your brand in 2016, right? Well, at BrandManager this month the focus is on developments and insights that we’ve identified as ‘game-changing’ - those trends that represent a new frontier for marketers.

One of the most intriguing of these is the all-powerful, all-fleeting micro moment.

The micro moment has emerged from within the world of mobile device users. It is the moment of action, born of a need. The need to know, the need to do, the need to go and the need to buy.

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4 reasons why visual content is a must to drive engagement

People always associate the word ‘content’ with long copy and blog articles. But what about ‘visual’ content? Content Marketing these days is so much more than just writing articles.

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How Relevant will your Brand Strategy be in 2016?

With marketing trends continually shifting and evolving, your company’s branding strategy faces new threats and challenges in order to stay relevant. The four main factors that prove to be critical to brand growth and survival for 2016 are not stand-alone, but do offer a strong base for the strategy of your brand. These are elements you can incorporate into your brand strategy to stay relevant in 2016.

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5 steps to building an awesome personal brand

We live in a wonderful, connected digital world where most of us already have a personal brand, at least online. According to an AVG study, 92 percent of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint. The question is, are you nurturing, developing and indeed, managing your personal brand? In the digital economy where your LinkedIn profile, blog posts and social ranking are more vital to career success than a smart CV and a business card – a personal brand is a must for every young and upcoming executive or entrepreneur.

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Marketing Minute 92: Three elements of a great brand

Austin McGhie is his book 'Brand is a four letter word' states that brand is a noun and not a verb -- there is no such thing as 'branding' unless you are a cattle rancher. Brand is the prize where the actual work is 'positioning' which sits at the heart of your marketing strategy. It's also important to note that your brand is so much more than just your logo -- it's your whole reason for being and its why customers choose you over your competitors.

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Marketing Minute 1: The Seven elements of branding

The term branding is so much more than just your logo, there are seven elements that together make up your brand and you need all of these to have a totally effective brand.

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How to get customers to interact with your brand

The internet is constantly evolving for the better in providing stronger communication tools for businesses to reach out to their target market, particularly in the social media and mobile world. In 2011 statistics show that 47% of Australians connected with brands via social media networks. This suggests that consumers are increasing their interaction with brands and businesses through social media - some 1 in 4 Australians “like” or interact with a brand on Facebook on a weekly basis. 

So what does this mean for businesses?

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Discover The 'Art' of Personal Branding

The concept of personal branding has been discussed widely across the net yet many people think that it is confined to the celebrity set like Paris Hilton or Justin Timberlake. By definition, personal branding is ‘the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands’. Today the idea of ‘self-packaging’ is becoming more of a necessity than a desire due to the rise in popularity of social media technology.

Social media tools have levelled the playing ground and thus enabled us to reach incredible heights where the cost to entry is only really our time. Plus, in an amazingly short space of time we can achieve as much presence as most startups and mid-size companies or products. 

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Building Your Brand Online

The Internet can be a frightening place – one day your best friend and another your worst enemy. A school achievement to a business compliant, your footy team photo to a survey you took years ago – it can all be found in a single Google search. Therefore building your profile online is a vital part of your online brand strategy.

Here's five steps to help you get your name in lights when people search for you on Google or one of the other many search engines:

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