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Three Reasons Your Company Should Use Facebook Ads


When it comes to reaching a new audience and improving awareness of your brand, paid advertising and marketing is a necessity. We have previously covered a number of options out there, such as AdWords, but increasingly, businesses and marketers alike are exploring paid social media advertising - in particular, Facebook ads. We know Facebook has a large captive audience which is highly engaged, but other than that, there are three other reasons why well-planned and well-executed Facebook ads can deliver a good return on investment.

Facebook ads will sharpen your marketing focus

Whatever your marketing strategy, focus is key. By taking a focused approach to advertising and marketing, especially paid campaigns, you reap better lead generation and conversion for your spend.

As a social media platform, Facebook is privy to a lot of information. Marketers and businesses can benefit from this access to Facebook's "Big Data" on users' likes, shares, status posts and profile updates.

When you set up your campaign on Facebook's ads manager, you choose the options where you want to concentrate your targets: user's location, education, type of work, financial information, languages, ethnicity, online behavior and interests, for example. This ensures that you are spending on advertising to a relevant audience which has the greatest potential of converting into paying customers for your business. One thing to be careful is to not narrow your demographic targeting too much - you want the perfect balance between focus and audience size.

By the end of 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users who spent an average of 20 minutes there per day. With numbers like those, you know there are people out there with an interest in your product or service. It's just up to you to find them.

Facebook ads make it easier for businesses to reach mobile devices

It is very obvious that people are using their mobile devices more and more every day. Most people use their computers for specific reasons and for the most part, during work hours. But, mobile devices are more commonly used for checking up on what's happening at random moments throughout the entire day. And, most mobile users are more likely to check Facebook to find out what's happening. The result is that whenever they are using the app, they are running into hosted ads.

In the past couple of years, Facebook has become less of an intimate site for sharing personal news and information and has become a platform for posting and sharing links to news, videos, business pages and other types of articles. This means that Facebook ads are connecting more businesses to more customers.

Facebook ads can influence your customers

Facebook ads use social referrals. They let customers know which of their Facebook friends like the same product or service. By using social proof and providing the opinions of people known and trusted, Facebook ads influence customers' decisions and those customers are also more likely to click on those advertisements and share them with others.

In the recent past, a business could only show ads to customers who found their brand through Facebook. But now, there is the ability for website visitors as well as email subscribers to receive the same ads without searching for the specific product or service on Facebook. By adding custom audience pixels to the business website, all visitors can be targeted for ads on their Facebook page.

By using the Website Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences features on Facebook ads for remarketing purposes, your conversion rates will surely rise.

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