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How Inbound Marketing is revitalising Australian businesses


When inbound marketing strategy first became popular among marketers a little over a decade ago, Australian marketers were less than eager to jump on the inbound bandwagon. While the rest of the world was reaching consumers on previously untapped digital platforms and using their content in innovative ways, it seemed as though the Aussies were, for the most part, still using those old intrusive outbound strategies.

As Ryan Bonnici, Senior Director of Marketing at HubSpot says, 

"Over the last few years, the digital landscape has shed its skin many times. Compared to 10 years ago, digital marketing practices and strategies are unrecognisable, and a new strategy has emerged and taken the marketing world by storm: inbound marketing."

The effects of that storm may have finally reached the Australia market. As Bonnici's 2015 article predicted, we are finally catching up to the rest of the world and revitalising our businesses with the marketing strategy that really works, both for our companies and our consumers. Keep reading to find out how inbound marketing can affect your Aussie business - for the better. 

What is Inbound Marketing, Anyway?

If you don't already know, inbound marketing is an integrated marketing strategy that helps you reach potential customers where they are. It combines quality content with digital and social media marketing to draw in quality leads and nurture them down the sales funnel, keeping them engaged with your brand the whole way.

Compelling, informative content is crucial to the success of inbound marketing; but the strategy encompasses everything from the SEO keywords you choose for your content to the measurement and automation tools you use for perfecting your methods. In the end, it's all about getting your message to the right people, at the right time.

Inbound Marketing For AustraliaN BUSINESSES

A Content Marketing Institute survey late last year paints a detailed picture of how inbound marketing is shaping up across the country. While the study focuses directly on content marketing, it gives us a keen insight into how companies use this crucial aspect of inbound marketing. 

  • 38% of Australian marketers say their content marketing strategy is still in the 'baby stages'. 27% consider their content marketing 'mature', but only 8% believe they have reached the 'sophisticated' level. 


  • 27% of those in the baby stages said their company was extremely committed to content marketing. The mature and sophisticated businesses? 91% were fully committed. 
  • 71% of the mature and sophisticated companies have actually written out their content marketing strategy, while only 14% of the beginners have. 
  • Of the companies who have a documented content marketing strategy, 71% plan to use it as an ongoing part of marketing, rather than a one-and-done campaign. 
  • 71% of early content marketers and 91% of mature and sophisticated content marketers agree that the main purpose of content marketing is to develop a relationship with their readers and viewers. 

How does this relate to inbound marketing? Well, since content is the backbone on which inbound marketing is built, this study tells us a lot about how Australian businesses have changed their perspectives on the inbound/outbound debate. 

  • That 38% of marketers whose content marketing is still in its baby stages had no content marketing strategy a few short years ago. And as content marketing starts showing results, the next logical step is inbound. 
  • Committment to quality content develops over time, as you begin to see real ROI from your efforts. The same tends to hold true for inbound marketing -- it takes time, but the results are undeniable. 
  • Writing out any strategy is the best way to guarantee success. It doesn't have to be a 200-page manual, complete with index and appendices; a few pages of specific goals, specific techniques to address those goals, and specific ways to reach your target audience with your content is all you need.
  • Content marketing is an all-or-nothing bag. That's just the way it works. As more Aussie companies shift their marketing priorities into the content marketing bag, we can expect even more of them to start branching out into inbound strategies to reach the 14 million Facebook users in our country with their content.
  • Developing a relationship with your viewers is the main point of inbound marketing, too! Without the relationship mindset, you'll never reach your prospects on a personal level, which is how inbound marketing works. 

Thankfully, today's Australian marketing landscape looks brighter than it did only a few short years ago. With more companies realizing the importance of reaching their potential customers where they are, and more marketers embracing inbound as the best way to do that, Bonnici's inbound marketing storm has finally reached our shores.

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