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Website Redesign & Brand Strategy provides WBS Group with an increase in quality of leads and conversion


WBS Group has been the trusted choice in Steel Construction, within Western Australia since 1982. Formerly known as Wheatbelt Steel, BrandManager worked closely with the WBS Group to re-brand and develop a tiered brand hierarchy, to reflects their expertise in a variety of areas including Agricultural, Industrial, Mining and the Home Builder markets. WBS Group believe in driving rural innovation, protecting lifestyles and striving to be the ‘benchmark’ of quality.

Developing a brand hierarchy and re-defining the company 'why', has provided clarity, both externally to their buyer persona and internally, within the company. The communication and messaging is clear and consistent, and has enabled team members to deliver a consistent message. Culturally, the WBS team has invested into the brand story and now deliver a seamless elevator pitch to prospects. It was important that BrandManager unraveled the brand pain point, before it developed their new websites, and inbound marketing campaigns.


Pictured above: The WBS Group Brand Hierachy


The Challenge:

Prior to engaging BrandManager, the WBS Group were generating a large number of leads, but they were very low quality. In situ, their customer conversions, by online leads, was just 2%. The old website was outdated (hosted on WordPress), and not only did it need to become user friendly, but it needed a professional redesign. The site performed poorly when it was analyzed using 'Hubspot's website grader' and it failed to immediately connect with visitors, once they arrived on site. It was difficult for visitors to understand the core service offering and more importantly the content didn’t align with the buyer persona pain points.

The website had no 'quality' lead magnets (offers/tools) and their articles were not achieving views or conversions. They weren’t attracting or engaging the customer.

The WBS Group were in need of an agency, who would listen to their immediate pain points, but be bold on creativity - delivering something new within the industry. It was important BrandManager retained the company history within the site (of 35 years), but relaunch with a fresh look/feel.


The Solution:

Within our initial engagement, we identified the need for extensive research, and to understand the market opportunity, competitive analysis and buyer segments, prior to relaunching the brand and its products.

We traveled to remote Wheatbelt town of Northam WA, to host a full day strategic session. This session enabled BrandManager to understand the business WHY, their goals and objectives, as well as developing a full funnel, 12 months Inbound Marketing campaign.


Pictured above: Tony Eades (Director of Brand Strategy), Andrew Levy (Head of Strategy and Operations) and Russell Draffin (Director at WBS Group Australia)  Pictured below: The WBS Group lead team members


From the strategy session, it was clear we needed to re-position the entire group and its brands, to penetrate a difficult market. We developed an entire brand strategy, including a competitor matrix + SWOT + vision and mission, which was wrapped up with a brand new ‘positioning statement'...

The Why: WBS Group believe in driving rural innovation, protecting lifestyles and striving to be the benchmark of quality.

WBS Group Tagline: Benchmarking Quality

Following the brand strategy session, the next step was to re-design and re-develop their websites, for each division within the company. WBS Group needed 4 websites in total, including two sub-brands, Allied Sheds + Evoke Living. The websites needed to reflect the high quality of product, and ensured the new message spoke directly to their persona. 

All 4 websites were redesigned + developed using the Inbound Marketing methodology - connecting with their core persona, their buying journey and for SEO benefits. We improved their lead capture opportunities, by including valued based content, new offers which were highly desirable, improved their blog articles (using in-text links and CTA's), included new interactive tools and setup content fields, to personalised the web experience. These improvements turned the website from a 'high leads/low quality' converting site, to a high leads/high quality website.

The WBS Group website showcased the standard and quality of the entire group, as well as providing an easy link to each division: WBS Wheatbelt Steel, WBS Commercial and WBS Homes.


Old WBS Group Website:




New WBS Group Website:



Wheatbelt Steel Shed Price Calculator:

The BrandManger technical marketing team identified a high volume of search/traffic, attributed to the keyword term ‘Shed Price.’ Further research identified that this term was competitive however the top 8 listings were leading people to generic company pages.

To provide an instant solution to the Wheatbelt Steel prospect (Farmer Fred) we developed a TOFU offer, the ‘Shed Price Calculator’. An interactive pricing matrix that provides clarity on cost within 10 seconds. We were able to capture active buyers using this tool, much earlier in the buying cycle. Capturing over 100 leads since launch in February, we have been able to setup a 4-stage workflow based on the shed type and size chosen. This tool has produced 1 paying customer so far to Wheatbelt Steel, with a deal netting over $100,000.



Allied Sheds Shed Builder:

To stand-out and be competitive in the market, the BrandManager creative team developed a custom '3D interactive tool, we named the Shed Builder. It was unique within the industry. The Allied Sheds Shed Builder allowed the user to build their ideal shed online, in real time, with nicely executed 3D rendering, zoom and rotation capabilities. The user can see their shed come to life in front of their eyes. Once happy the user could export the shed design, along with specs, and submit for council building approval. 

The behavioral intelligence/lead activity captured within the shed building process allowed the marketing team to personalise the email communication, which were tailored to their individual needs. In addition, the implicit and explicit data captured, helped the Allied Sheds sales team to personalise their Inbound Sales calls and subsequent meetings.



The Results:

With this new approach to marketing driven by a clear brand strategy, the client has been amazed by the results. Although some of the brands have only just launched (or are about to) their Inbound Marketing Campaign efforts, some of the earlier campaigns are already showing great results. 


“Yes, we have spent a lot of money with you guys but over about 7 different business models so it is incomparable. Another fact is we have seen a 205% change in the number of leads and their quality.”

“BrandManager is straight up about its costs and lays it all out and broken down for us to clearly see where we are spending our money.”


Sarah Heaphy | Marketing Coordinator


The Impact:

Video above: Sarah Heaphy | Marketing Coordinator at WBS Group talks about the her experience and feelings going into the project with us right after we completed the Brand Strategy Session. Testimonial below: Mark Hitch talks about his experience working with the BrandManager team


Inbound Marketing Professionals

"I was involved in a strategy session for Wheatbelt Steel and WBS Homes. For someone who is new to Inbound Marketing, this strategy session helped me understand the fundamentals of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing and how we can transform the way we market. Throughout the session, it became clear on how we can significantly improve leads and acquire new customers for both brands. Tony and Andrew took the time to understand our business, our buyer and sour approach to marketing and sales, before creating a top level Inbound Marketing campaign. The process was very professional, and included goals/targets to keep them accountable. Based on their advice and deep knowledge of Inbound tactics, we have already seen increased results and hit targets just 2 months after launching the first campaign. It was a big shift to transition to Inbound Marketing, but partnering with the right agency has helped us see the reward."


Mark Hitch | Sales Consultant at WBS Group


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