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How do you create remarkable content that converts?


So how do you create remarkable content that converts? That was the hot topic of our recent HubSpot User Group event in Perth where Tony Eades and Andrew Levy presented.

In the following graphic you can see how we are heading into a time of ‘content shock’ - on the supply side of the equation, the amount of information on the web is expected to increase by 500 percent (conservatively) in the next five years, yet consumption of this content has levelled.


Today it’s all about creating personalised content in ‘snackable’ amounts across multi channels – we call this the Omni-Channel experience. And we’ve written a book about it! Click on the link to download your copy of ‘The Omni-Channel Brand Playbook’


Below are some more images from the event - Check out our Perth HubSpot User Group website for future events both online and offline.



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