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Driving Market Leaders


Hammer head, Gambon Corner, POOOWWWEEERRRR! If you’re familiar with these terms you’re no doubt a fan of the BBC television show, Top Gear and the Top Gear Test Track. If you’ve ever had a ‘rubber burning’ desire to drive the test track yourself, drop by BrandManager for a catch-up and race against our team and clients to claim the top spot and prizes!

Two laps, your best time recorded and you get to drive Tony Eades’ car – well virtually anyway. A big thank you to Aidan Kavanagh from Kavanagh industries and his team for the ‘Driving Market Leaders’ Leader Board which holds our official times.

At BrandManager we strive to create a positive culture both within our team and with our clients and suppliers. We work alongside (and even sometimes inside) your business to better understand what you do so we can focus on giving you measurable ROI from your marketing spend. That is how we create market leaders.M

The leaders at time of writing are:

  • Daniel (resident Stig) at 1:23:994
  • Glenn at 1:27:900

And the highest client:

  • Anthony Moss from Lead Your Industry with 1:42:879

Come by to take up the challenge, grab a coffee, and claim the spot on our Leader Board.

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