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BrandManager attend Inbound 2014


It has been an exciting year to date and an anxious wait to finaly be here in Boston for this annual gathering of over 10,000+ attendees for 'Inbound 14'. What an exciting event to be a part of. The energy, the movement and the support behind HubSpot and Inbound Marketing is making one gigantic wave and we are glad to be riding that wave into the future with so many other like minded individuals, businesses and agencies from around the world.

We have just finshed Day 3 of the conference here in Boston and already there has been some huge annoucments made and some great insightful information shared that we cannot wait to share with you.

HubSpot have announced the release of their FREE, yes FREE CRM that intergrates fully with the exisitng HubSpot platform as well as some other features including an integrated content calendar.

Over the following weeks we would love to share with you everything we have learnt attending this event. It is an exciting time for the marketing world and especially the customers, the focus is all on them and giving them exactly what they need when looking for it.

Below are some pictures we have captured over the last 3 days


Brian Halligan, Co-Founder of HubSpot announces the HubSpot CRM


Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder of HubSpot talks about the HubSpot ecosystem



10,000+ attendee's to HubSpot's 'Inbound 14' conference in Boston


OKGO warm up the crowd for Day 2

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