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Marketing Minute 96: How to build a brand content strategy


Content is being delivered to consumers at a rapid speed. A clear brand content strategy is a must to drive your brand message.


Wikipedia defines content strategy as “all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage a potential consumer.’ Where content strategy is all about the why and how -content marketing is about what you actually deliver.

Marketing is no longer just about promotion. As traditional marketing techniques become less effective the amount of content now being delivered to consumers is increasing rapidly and so, a content strategy is a must to drive your brand message.

So here’s three things to remember:

  • First, understand your audience – that’s where your buyer persona comes in so you can deliver content that identifies with the ‘pain points’ of your customers.
  • Next, map the content to the buying cycle – where are they in your marketing funnel?  From just gathering information at the top, to ready to engage at the bottom.
  • Finally, build an Editorial Calendar by developing monthly themes that tie in all of your content marketing - from your blog posts and articles to e-books, guides and your PR strategy.

Take the guesswork out of your content planning and start using a finely tuned and successful brand content strategy that is custom made for your audience – delivering the content they want and more importantly, ready for when they want it.

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