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Marketing Minute 106: Increased web traffic with Google AdWords


Google claims over 1.2 million businesses advertise on Google in the hope of capturing some of the 12 billion searches made every day. With $38 billion a year being spent on Google AdWords what are the secrets to an effective pay per click campaign?


This weeks we talk to special guest Jenny Kuo our Google Advertising Specialist to answer the many myths around online marketing.

The following questions have been asked to give you the answers:

What are the key elements that make up an effective Google AdWords campaign?

Should I be expecting results and click through’s from day one?

What are negative keywords and how do they work?

Why is it important to track your results? And what should you track?

What is ‘re-marketing’ and why is it important to the success of a campaign?

What can you tell us about SEO in comparision to Google AdWords?

In our final episode in this series we look the world of analytics and how to truly measure the performance of your website.

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