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Marketing Minute 105: Communication, blogging and social sharing


It’s a fact, blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired customers through their blog. Your website is not just an information hub, it’s a communication station.


Managing the content is key, so create an editorial calendar of themes and topics for the year that you intend to blog about. Invite guest blogging and get your team onboard to blog too – having an overarching calendar will help control and manage your communications and keep everything on brand.

Re-purpose and repost content relevant to your audience by using Google Alerts to send you daily summaries of other people’s posts on a certain subject. You can even recycle blog articles into video or audio segments. Use email alerts to push out new posts to your database and promote your blog via CTA’s on your home page and social media channels.


If you make your content relevant and based on your buyer persona people are likely to read it, comment on it and then share it with others. Social sharing allows you to reach new audiences with similar interests and issues to that of your current customers and also helps boost your organic search rankings.

Next time on Marketing Minute we are joined by our Google AdWords and SEO specialist to uncover the tips and tricks around building web traffic.

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