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Marketing Minute 103: Driving website visitor interaction


Today it's all about interaction before transaction. Nurturing your leads requires you to engage your visitors to interact on your website and with your brand.


The success of a website used to be measured on hits, then it was how long visitors stayed on your site and nowadays it’s more about interaction. It's about building leads before sales. So how do you get a visitor to take action so that you can begin the lead nurturing process?

In this Marketing Minute we have a very special guest join us to speak from his experience about landing pages, CTA's and offers to create interaction with visitors on your website. Daniel, our Digital Interface Designer will answer to the following questions:

So, what’s a landing page and how does it differ from a standard web page?

What about CTA’s and how do they drive lead generation?

Is location of the CTA important?

What are the correct steps in creating an effective offer?

What are some of the things we could offer through our website?

Next week we will look at website conversions – getting your visitors to act is one thing, getting them to convert into a qualified lead is another.

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