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How to Leverage YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy


Did you know that YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises a whopping 100% every year (HubSpot)? Additionally, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. These numbers reveal the level of engagement videos are generating amongst consumers and how it’s critical to begin leveraging YouTube marketing to bolster your strategy and achieve desired goals from your efforts.

You see, videos are extremely effective in boosting brand awareness, getting in front of your audience, building your leads list and growing revenue. With YouTube being the second most visited website globally, improving your marketing on this social platform can get more eyeballs on your company while yielding favourable results.

In this guide, we’ll illustrate how to better leverage YouTube in your marketing strategy. The first part will outline different video topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing on what content to produce. Finally, we’ll post various marketing tactics you can implement to increase video views.

Video Content Ideas

#1 Share Your Story

Videos have a compelling way of drawing people into your message, quickly building trust. It’s an excellent tool for storytelling; sharing who you are along with your mission, vision, and the goals you have for your customers. Your audience can connect with your video in a way that humanises your company and makes you relatable.

#2 Product Videos 

Highlighting and demonstrating your products on video helps your customers to simply follow along and see the benefits. It’s easier to show your audience how your product works versus written instructions. Showcase each of your products (especially your flagship one) on video giving the features, advantages, and how they can purchase.

#3 Address Common Questions

Consider those frequent questions asked by your prospects and customers. These are great content pieces to be shared on video. Do a short, 2-minute video for each of your inquiries to build your YouTube channel.

#4 Long-Form Blog Content Topics

The good news about blogging is that you have a vault of content topics that can be repurposed on video. In fact, repurposing content was a top priority for content marketing in 2016 and remains to be relevant today. With your popular and evergreen blog posts, use video to expand on these articles, delving deeper into your content and providing more insight.


Video Marketing Tactics

Now that you’ve created and published your video, it’s time to get it in front of your audience. The following tactics provide practical steps to boost exposure and engagement from viewers.

#1 SEO Techniques

To rank in YouTube (and Google), you’ll want to leverage YouTube SEO techniques to impact positioning in search. Here are a few key pointers to consider before publishing your video to help better your ranking:

  • Search for keywords in your niche using the Google Keyword Planner. Make sure you target keywords that generate at least 300 searches per month
  • Consider words like How to, Review, and Tutorial in your title 
  • Use the keyword in your video filename when saving it 
  • Make sure your title is at least 5-words long, including your full keyword 
  • Try putting your keyword close to the beginning of your title as possible 
  • In the description, include your keyword in the first 25 words, and about 3-4 more times throughout (aim for at least 250-words in your description)
  • Give a clear call-to-action at the end of your video for viewers to either comment, share, or click on a link that leads to your landing page

#2 Social Media Networks

Perhaps a no-brainer, social media generates tons of engagement from videos. From live-streaming videos, organic uploads, to YouTube shares, social media is ideal in getting followers indulging in your content.  

Create a content schedule where you regularly promote your videos on your social channels. Be sure to include a snippet of what the video entails to pique interest. Encourage followers to comment and give feedback. Finally, on sites like Twitter, it’s okay to promote the same video multiple using different tweet texts to highlight points in your video.

#3 Upload to Blog

Sharing your YouTube videos within your blog post increases user-experience and improves SEO ranking (Source: Jeff Bullas). The longer people stay on your website (dwell time), the better it is for search visibility. You’re giving readers multiple ways to digest your content, appealing to many audiences and learning preferences.

Therefore, embed your videos in relevant articles to enhance your message. Then optimise and share your blog post with your list and social media followers for added exposure.

#4 Share with Your List 

Your email subscribers are your biggest fans. They are 3 times more likely to share your content on social media than visitors elsewhere. They joined your list and look forward to hearing from you. Your YouTube video should get most of its initial views from your email list!

Shoot an email broadcast announcing your new video. Outline a few benefits within your message that viewers will glean from tuning in. Utilise plugins like ClicktoTweet that allows recipients to easily share your link to their social network.


Leveraging YouTube in your marketing strategy will prove to be a winning move for your brand. Video marketing positions you to build trust with your audience, share your story, feature your products, capture new leads and generate sales.

Take 1-2 of the video topic ideas and begin creating your own videos. Then use at least two of the marketing tactics to increase views. With consistency, you will experience a growing interest in your brand and better results generated from your strategy.

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