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How do I plan effectively in todays market? - Marketing Minute 115


So your marketing is not working effectively anymore? Well, let's have a look at why. 86% of people claim that they skip televsion commercials, almost half of all direct mail is never opened and more shockingly, 91% of people claim that they have unsubscribed from emails that they originally opted-in to receive. Yet, this is still the best time for marketing - let me tell you why.

Firstly, all of your cutomers for the first time can be contacted directly by one device, it's called a mobile. They also use just one system to look for you online, it's called the internet and because everything now is digital you can measure every single thing they do.

It is all about understanding the buyer (your customer's) journey. If you understand that then their pain points seldomly change. When you have a good grasp on your buyers journey and really start to understand their behaviour you can deliver them relevant, informative and educational content at a time that they are looking for it and need it most. This content should help them to solve the problems and answers they are looking for.

To help create this dynamic content you should start by putting together a 12 month content calendar for your blogs, email marketing and social media. This will provide you with a good overview of the content you are planning to deliver to your customers and help you stay on track through out the entire year.

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