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Top 5 Tools to Maximise Your Facebook Presence


Marketing on social platforms can take a lot of time and effort, especially when it involves images, captions and tracking analytics. As you’re probably well aware, it’s no longer enough to share bits and pieces throughout your marketing campaign on social media as an afterthought. Here are 5 tools that will help you maximise your Facebook presence.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are now full-blown marketing platforms, with their own strategies that require time and effort.

The only issue is that, for most, time isn’t something that is easy to come by. Something that’s even less frequent are simple ways to achieve great results quickly, which adds pressure to those dreaded data reports. No one likes to see inconsistency in their work, but it seems that when it comes to social media, inconsistent data is often the norm.

To stop this from being something that you just accept in marketing, I’ve considered the top 5 easy to use tools that will help with your social media marketing.


Now that you know your online content will generate 94% more views when you add visual elements and graphics, you need to find the perfect tool to create those visuals. And, you definitely won't have trouble covering those graphic design needs with Canva. It is an easy-to-use, but highly functional and efficient tool with dozens of great features. Drag and drop editing helps you easily design your graphics. Thousands of layouts are available or you can create your own templates, too. It's easy to save your brand's colours, logos and fonts and share all creations with other staff members in photo folders. With Canva you can create on-brand marketing material, as well as presentations and all the graphics you'll need for a strong Facebook marketing.


Socialbakers is an information technology company that covers your business's data analytics and social media management needs. In what Socialbakers has named the Marketing Suite, the social analytics features measure your company's social media performance so the marketing department can in turn find ways to improve strategy and make comparisons with competitors and market benchmarks. A very useful feature for lead generation and conversion is the social care customer solutions feature which gives you an opportunity to keep in contact more easily with your page followers for improved Facebook marketing. The Socialbakers Ad feature recognises your most effective content and works quickly to promote it to the target audience which relates to a more focused campaign.


Similar to Socialbakers, Hootsuite is another great tool for organising, managing and connecting all your company's social media profiles on one single dashboard. It’s not a new tool, but it definitely continues to pop up as one of the best – and for good reason. Hootsuite helps you keep in contact with followers, gather their feedback and insight to use for campaign optimisation as well as to plan and schedule automated responses. You'll also have its real-time analytics feature at your disposal to help you keep track of social content engagement. Another great feature is one that generates automatic content suggestions, giving you fresh ideas for content when it gets tough to come up with them. With the audience profile information, Hootsuite tools can make compelling social content suggestions that are relevant and interesting for your followers. This tool is the all-inclusive tool for rapidly boosting your Facebook presence if you’re faced with an upcoming data review.


Because advertising is the number one priority in marketing, it is essential that your Facebook page takes full advantage of the best tools available and one of them is Qwaya, a great Facebook marketing tool for professionals. What it has to offer is an efficient ad creation workflow covering scheduling, performance-based regulation and ad auto-rotation all together with great campaign organising possibilities. One of the best features on Qwaya is the audience A/B testing tool that helps you find the most effective audiences for your ads and to determine which combinations of imagery, text and targeting constitute the highest performing ads. Also, you'll be able to automate the structure of ads which gives your business the capability to handle larger campaigns.


Also, a Facebook ad campaign manager, Driftrock has great options for B2B marketing needs. They report that by automatically pushing leads to your customer relationship management and sending auto-responses, your conversion rates will increase. You can also connect your CRM data from email to Facebook, syncing every 3 hours to Facebook custom audiences. Tools on Driftrock can trigger your ads for optimal conversion time windows that they base on things like weather, sport outcomes, TV ads, etc. They promise to cut down ad costs while at the same time maximising their efficiency. And, by using their ad creation technology, you'll save precious management time.

There are many valuable tools that your business can use to maximise its presence on Facebook. Develop your social media tactics further by downloading The Essential B2B Guide to Facebook today.

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