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6 Big Secrets to Creating Content that Engages


With content marketing being a top focus for brands, how do you separate your posts from the sea of content being published daily? From your blog articles to your email messages, social media posts, webinars, videos, and podcasts, it’s crucial to create content that engages and moves your audience to action. People are inundated with content today more than ever…yet, compelling content wins every time.

You see, a successful marketing plan includes producing content that resonates with your ideal customer that keeps them coming back to your brand. Offering value by educating, informing and entertaining readers positions you to build an audience that converts into leads and customers. The key is ensuring your content speaks to their interests and appeals to their learning style.

In fact, we’ve compiled six secrets to creating content that captivates and gets people interacting with your posts. 

#1 Fully Develop Your Buyer Personas

One of the best ways to understanding your audience is by developing buyer personas, or painting a clear picture of your ideal customer like their goals, job description and responsibilities, and role in the buying process. This is an essential element to your online marketing as the focus of your content is to reach and engage your buyer personas. When you do, your strategy becomes highly effective.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, a detailed buyer persona includes the following data:

  • Job description and responsibilities
  • Their role in the buying process
  • Problems and concerns they're experiencing
  • Pain Points
  • Their Typical Day
  • Most impressing questions
  • Keywords and phrases this persona is likely to use when searching online
  • Their content preferences (i.e. the social media channels they prefer, what content format engages them more, etc.)
  • Goals and objectives

#2 Create Content that is Controversial and Captures Attention

Controversy tends to bring a lot of attention and is a great way to initiate conversation on your website and social media content. Yet, it's super important that the topic fits your brand and doesn’t disrespect others. You want to pick one that encourages debate without insulting or offending anyone. In fact, here are a few key pointers when choosing controversial content:

  • Focus on "low" controversy that doesn't attack a certain person or group nor criticises an idea or ideology your readers relate to
  • Stir up debates that people feel strong about but doesn’t hurt people feelings
  • Use an enticing title that gives insight into your text
  • Align your opinion with collected data and statistics

#3 Capitalise on Trending Topics

Reporting breaking news or expanding on trending topics is an excellent way to get people flocking to your content, eager to hear your take on the subject. There is a great opportunity that your social media post could go viral or breed massive shares to increase exposure. A blog article can drive new traffic to your website simply from the momentum of trending topics.

Social media is the perfect place to discover what subjects are trending. Stay in tuned to the popular hashtags from your industry on networks like Instagram and Twitter. Peruse the Trending Topics section on Facebook to see what’s generating engagement.

You can also easily utilise a tool like Buzzsumo that identifies trending content for any given search term by tracking social shares. You’ll stay abreast to quickly share content send visitors your way!

#4 Add Interactive Content

Interactive content is said to be the future of content marketing (Source: Jeff Bullas). Content like surveys and polls, infographics, podcasts, videos and calculators all have a way of improving user-experience while enhancing your message. It also keeps people on your pages longer which bolsters SEO ranking. Incorporating these pieces is a must if you desire to maintain engagement and make your content interesting.

One major benefit to interactive content is that it offers different ways for your audience to digest your message. You’ll appeal to different learning styles and preferences by adding a variety of content types to relate to your audience.

#5 Encourage Responses on Social Media

At the heart of inbound marketing is sharing content that adds value to your target audience. Posting remarkable content on social media not only fosters engagement but it gives you an opportunity to offer advice and expertise that can help your followers. Doing so further positions your company as an authority and leader in your niche while humanising your brand.

When publishing content on social media, be sure to give a clear call-to-action, encouraging followers to interact with your post. Ask them to share it on their pages, comment to give feedback, or like if they agree. Engagement begets engagement…giving you added exposure and awareness! 

#6 Quality Outperforms Quantity

When you focus on quality-rich content, you’ll always win! Honing your buyer personas helps you to create content that directly relates to their wants, needs and desires. Delve deep into these topics, giving substance and tips that readers can actively take away.

Hubspot’s blog is a superb example of continuously publishing relevant content pieces that solidify their credibility in the inbound and content marketing space. B2B, B2C brands as well as entrepreneurs are able to glean tremendous insights from the current strategies shared that, when applied, can propel their businesses forward. Hubspot is a well-known leading source for all things online marketing…with the blog to prove it!


One final key pointer to mention is that it’s vital to invest the proper time into engagement. Doing the legwork like promoting your blog content to your list and social sites, asking for comments, and repurposing are all ways to boost responses on your posts.

Creating compelling content is the key to capturing the attention of your audience and getting them talking about your brand. Therefore, commit to implementing these secrets into your content strategy. As a result, you’ll experience a surge in engagement and more traction to your content. Expand on your content with some video marketing to see what possibilities are available to you in reaching your audience. Download our ebook on Creating a 2017 Video Marketing Strategy to gain the latest knowledge in marketing.

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