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When is Your Business Ready for Video Marketing?


There isn't any question that we continually live in a more visually dominated culture, requiring marketing to go this way even further. As such, video marketing should become a top priority if you've continuously put it off in your B2B business.

Recent statistics from HubSpot prove you can't call video marketing "up and coming" any more, because it's already the norm. Posting a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%.

It's the same when you apply it to a marketing email. Most experts note you should keep these short, in a series, and with a compelling call-to-action.

How do you know if you're ready for video marketing, though?

You may find inspiration in other companies who've recently created some amazing video campaigns. Take time to learn what attracts people with today's best video marketing approaches.

Some Other Video Marketing Statistics to Inspire You

Maybe you just need some motivation to help your B2B company go forward on video marketing this year. Consider these five statistics for 2017:

  1. Online video is going to account for 74% of all web traffic this year.
  2. Over 65% of all those who watch videos watch at least 3/4 of each one.
  3. Smartphone and tablet users are now more apt to watch videos.
  4. Of all people who go online, 78% watch a video every week.
  5. Companies that use video marketing also use it for sales and communication.

With these metrics in tow, you can decide for yourself whether you should wait any longer. What's important is to know how to execute a marketing video correctly, which you can learn from today's best companies.

Creating Emotion and Shared Experiences

The true key to getting yourself ready for video marketing is understanding your audience. As Entrepreneur noted not long ago, emotion is the major factor in marketing now above reason.

While you may apply this to some of your marketing already, creating shared experiences is a major element in an effective video.

One good recent example of this is from Android and their "Friends Furever" campaign.

You perhaps saw this extensively on TV back in 2015, and it subsequently became the most shared video ad then.

The animal friendships in the video bring a valuable metaphorical lesson in shared experiences through a brand. When you add emotion to the fray, you have a powerful combination you can take to the bank in attracting any audience.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

There isn't any better marketing tactic than demonstrating urgency to a consumer so they buy immediately. Reebok used this to great philosophical effect in their "Honour Your Days" campaign through a poignant video:


In the piece, they show an older woman reliving her life backwards as she runs a marathon. We see her running in various situations as she progresses back to when she was an infant.

This campaign was successful because it noted we only have 25,915 days to live an average lifetime. With such a powerful sense of urgency, Reebok tapped into the customer psyche. They enhanced this with a CTA at video's end to calculate one's own days so viewers take action.

Presenting Real Life

Another way to know if you're ready for video marketing is when you truly understand what's going on in a customer's life. You have to comprehend their pain points, and nobody did it better in video marketing than Facebook.

Through Facebook's "Tips" video series, they wisely made short and simple video categories giving suggestions based on real-life scenarios.

For their "Stickers" video above, the running time is only 18 seconds. Yet, they managed to convey how to use this feature in the most basic way without a direct Facebook pitch.

In all, you have a valuable cumulative lesson in video marketing: Make it about the customer with stories bringing emotion and value.

Once you understand these concepts, you're ready to take on video marketing without it costing a fortune. To learn how you can implement video marketing in your marketing strategy, download our latest guide: Creating a 2017 Video Marketing Strategy

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