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How to make your brand more personal with Facebook with a B2B essentials guide


Facebook is not only the main source of everyday internet social interactions, but also the up and coming advertising markets for businesses small and large. According to the newest update in September 2016,  Facebook's newsroom have reported over 1.1 billion daily users. With one-seventh of the world's population actively using Facebook daily, it would be a massive squandering of resources to not properly advertise to your companies' target audience.

Facebook Marketplace

Forbes magazine wrote a December 2016 article on Facebook's Marketplace; specifically what that could mean for digital marketing. The Marketplace is available to all users via the smart phone app, allowing the buying and selling of items through Facebook. This strategy keeps users online longer without the need to use Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. Forbes urged companies to expand to all platforms of digital advertising to include smart phone devices to maximise coverage to more consumers. 

HubSpot recently posted a few articles on the emphasis of visual content marketing and provided an impressive list of marketing statistics in regards to online marketing and specifically Facebook marketing. From this list is a report by Internet Retailer that 30% of commerce comes directly from mobile phone purchases. Additionally, HubSpot reported a +57% increase of Facebook consumption in the last two years which is more than Twitter and LinkedIn combined.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing and fluid field and requires to be as fast as the evolution of its market. Lead generation marketing is the face of that change.  By utilising Facebook's built-in features to keep consumers online longer, companies have a significantly higher chance of drawing in their target audience. Only 2.5 million of the 50 million businesses online pay for advertisement on Facebook.

BrandManager's e-book "The Essential B2B Guide to Facebook" will help companies reach their target audiences by tailoring your brand.  A company can adapt their advertisement plan with the help of this guide to see real ROI and effective brand customisation to the consumer. BrandManager's plan takes into account all types of budgets and time constraints to ensure a successful marketing plan. Jump start the company to emulate the top marketing businesses like Forbes, HubSpot, and Facebook, and flourish in the continuously changing nature of digital marketing.

Learn how to increase leads through engagement on Facebook 

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