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Are Your YouTube Ads Really Worth the Effort? Learning From the Big Names


YouTube is still a powerful tool for branding and marketing, but it's always worth remembering the time and money required to put a video together. Even so, you should always carve out time to find effective ways to promote yourself. YouTube ads are one of the best based on how you're able to link up with customers in a personal way.

As Google notes, there isn't any better way to connect with customers, reach the right audience, create videos in a simple way, or track your success 

While you can take Google's word, it's best to learn from big companies who continue to find success on YouTube. You should also look at recent statistics that show what you're missing.

Some stats out there are so inspiring, it'll move you to start a YouTube advertising budget now.

Statistics About YouTube to Inspire You

Look on YouTube directly, and you'll find some surprising statistics about what people do there. The reach there is truly astounding, though you'll find a lot of interesting things about monetising.

Some good examples:

  • One-third of the entire Internet population spends time on YouTube.
  • YouTube videos easily reach the valuable 18-34 demographic.
  • Channels on the site earning six figures per year are up 50%.
  • Through the YouTube Spaces community, you can get help making videos.

With these statistics alone, it's time you realise how much ROI you'll receive when posting videos on YouTube. It's not to say you shouldn't look at what big companies do and what new approaches they use.

Considering 300 hours of YouTube videos get uploaded every minute, you need to stand out. Learning from the big names (while finding your own branded path) is why it's worth every creative effort.

How Pokemon Go Used YouTube Ads to Successful Effect

It might seem like an eternity when Pokemon Go became the dominant app in the world. Only a year ago, some of the success was due to a great YouTube ad campaign celebrating 20 years of the game.

As a master class in promoting the game's anniversary and Pokemon Go, it became a viral sensation. Despite the video being played during the Super Bowl, it was more than just the video itself. The fact that the company created a successful hashtag campaign on social media proves you need to do omni-channel marketing for successful YouTube ads.

Creating Longer YouTube Ad Videos

Countless conventional YouTube ads post every day, though what about more innovative videos pushing the limits of what's expected?

Nike Football is a great example in doing longer YouTube video ads, akin to a short film. In this video Nike titled their video "The Switch" and decided to tell a compelling story rather than push their logo in every scene.

With a slight tongue-in-cheek style, their video imagined what would happen if a young soccer player switched places with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. A little like a "Freaky Friday" plot, the video received 61 million videos on YouTube alone since last summer.

It's a refreshing lesson to try creating ads like a short movie to keep your marketing fresh.

Attracting a Particular Demographic

Sometimes attracting one gender or age group can lead to more success than trying to attract everyone. The Always brand for women led the way late this last year through their "Like a Girl" YouTube video campaign

Their successful effort again integrated a social media hashtag process to attract more viewer engagement. Yet, the fact that they used real girls to enact stories about playing sports added emotional connections to other young women.

All of these examples should give you a push to try YouTube ads this year. With Google recently determining YouTube ads bring better revenue than TV, you know where you can best spend your marketing budget. 

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