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The Importance of Aligning Sales and Marketing KPIs

When sales are low or falling, the "shift-the-blame" game starts. Sales will complain Marketing isn't generating enough quality leads, and conversely, Marketing will complain that Sales aren't working hard enough to convert their provided leads into a sale. In most cases, the root cause comes down to a misalignment between Sales and Marketing.

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Beyond Demographics: Building a Buyer Persona To Understand Your Customer

An often-overlooked key to the success of any marketing strategy, from the content that you post on your blog to the email vouchers you send out from time to time, is your buyer persona. Most marketing teams look at the demographics of their target audience; few go any deeper than the age, marital status, and income level of that audience. But a well-developed buyer persona is essential to quality lead generation: without one, you could be marketing to the wrong people.

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Why (And How To) Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Data

There are definitely compelling advantages to Smarketing, but the actual practice of getting the sales and marketing teams to work seamlessly together requires more than goodwill. One key component to success is a strong information system which manages, documents and leverages concrete data behind all marketing and sales activities.

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How to rediscover your business' Unique Selling Point

A fundamental understanding of your business' Unique Selling Point (USP) is key to the success of any marketing or sales effort. USPs are a core part of a business, not just some airy-fairy statements on a piece of paper that is locked in a dusty cabinet. If you don't have USPs, or feel that your existing USPs do not accurately describe your business, four simple questions can help you get started.

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