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Smarketing: Why Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Efforts?

For 74% of companies, converting leads into customers is a top priority, according to Hubspot. The same study, however, shows that just 32% are concerned with sales enablement. These statistics show the dreadful gap between marketing and sales that is costing companies all over the world money they never even knew they could have.

An integrated strategy that combines your marketing campaign with your sales efforts can help to bridge this gap, and convert more leads that your marketing team collects into clients your sales team can effectively work with. Read on to find out more about how smarketing can benefit your business. 

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Topics: Inbound Sales, Smarketing

5 Reasons Your Outbound Marketing Methods Aren't Working

For as long as marketing has been around, advertisers have used outbound marketing to reach potential clients. But the old method of putting your brand out in the world and being as in-your-face as possible about it so you can be heard over the competitionjust doesn't work any more.

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Get Marketing and Sales on the same team - an Introduction to Smarketing

Do your sales people and marketing people reside in, as Ben Firman puts it, a "state of co-operative competition that readily descends into finger-pointing and arguments about strategy, budget and resource allocation?"

Your company is not alone, as outdated sales and marketing structures still litter the business landscape.

What can be done to get them to work better together, in order to meet the needs of the marketplace today? 

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The Future of Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales is Artificial Intelligence


Every day brings something new that was created by artificial intelligence. The question is no longer if AI will change business, but how to get started.

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How Social Video Will Turboboost Your Social Media Strategy

If your marketing strategy isn’t invested in social media, you’d be wise to reconsider.  Why? Because that’s where your customers (and prospective customers) are.  According to Hubspot, 72% of internet users are on Facebook, 73% of Facebook’s 1.3 billion users go there for “professional purposes,” and 63% of Facebook and Twitter users are looking for information unrelated to friends and family.

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