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Size does matter. Using small data and big data to develop deep customer insights.

In a world that is generating mountains of consumer data, could we be missing the forest for the trees?

This is one of the questions plaguing those of us responsible for digital insights, marketing strategy and feeding our hungry new house pet, technology.

We have a huge wealth of data but what does it tell us? Can it give us the insights we need to drive demand and shape the customer experience? Does Big Data lie? Does it mislead? How can we know?

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy

Why customer acquisition will be your single biggest challenge over the next 12 months

Recently, The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 92 marketing executives in Australia and New Zealand about how they view the future. 

One notable finding was that marketers believe their role is becoming more of a revenue driver and that customer acquisition will be their single biggest challenge in the next 12 months.[1]

There will be more pressure on inbound marketing strategies to deliver - not just in terms of quantity of visits, clicks and email addresses - but much more in terms of quality. 

The type of visitor we attract, the quality of information they access and the exchange that follows will become central to the marketing function.

But we have it under control, right? With a mobile-enabled website and contact page, the leads are going to roll in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if customer acquisition was that simple!

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Topics: Strategy, Lead Generation

How SMarketing could solve your biggest revenue problems


Sales and marketing functions traditionally hold to their own unique methodologies and KPIs in organisations.

They have their own pressures and team cultures and yet both influence the relationship and experiences customers have with your brand.

SMarketing happens when sales and marketing teams unite to transform the leads provided through customer engagement strategies into purchases and sales growth.

At Brandmanager, we believe SMarketing will be a game-changer in 2016.

SMarketing is described as having a range of benefits.

When done properly it acts as a more efficient way of identifying quality leads and achieving maximum conversion value while sustaining customer satisfaction.

So why haven’t the majority of businesses embraced SMarketing before now?

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The new benchmark in business performance is customer experience CX

At Brandmanager we believe Customer Experience will be a major focus for CMOs in 2016.

CX is now seen as a way brands can differentiate and generate positive word-of-mouth amid strong competition.

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy