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Game Changing Marketing Trends for 2016 - Business Breakfast Event

Join me at the Sydney Hills Business Breakfast event on Wednesday March 9 2016 from 7am at the Castle Hill RSL where I will be presenting ‘5 Game Changing Marketing Trends for 2016’. Digital Marketing has undergone a substantial transformation in the last few years. Technology that incited the changes is growing at a faster pace than most can keep up with.

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy, Social Media

Ad-Blocking Technology: What's the collateral damage to your brand and your reach?

Ad-blocking is a hot topic in 2016 and for marketers the high uptake by mobile device users of Ad-blocking apps presents a real challenge.

How will they survive without advertising revenue?

Ad-blocking technology is forcing us all to rethink our approach to mobile advertising and marketing but is it a disaster? Will we be ruined?

Not necessarily. We’ve seen something similar before, when pop up blockers were added to mainstream browsers.

While we do think ad-blocking is a Game-Changer and will pre-occupy much of our energy and ingenuity going forward this year, Ad-blocking may prove a blessing in disguise.

At face value, ad-blocking represents a consumer-led backlash against the proliferation of intrusive online and mobile advertising.

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Content overload - what implications does this have for marketers?


One of the looming issues for marketers in 2016 is the onset of Content Overload.

Content overload is the point at which the supply of online content outstrips the capacity of human beings to consume it. And it is a game-changer.

It’s one of those predictions that has proponents and deniers. A bit like climate change!

Proponents say, the exponential rise of online content in recent years will peak in effectiveness as audiences reach limits imposed by the number of waking hours.

In other words, humans have a finite capacity to consume our online content.

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Topics: Marketing, Strategy, Content Marketing

Customer Love: The age of disruption means you need to lay on the love


Here is a question for brands in 2016. Do you love your customers? How do you show them how you feel? Do you expect them to fall in love with your brand and stay that way?

If you struggle to identify how your customers are feeling the love, watch out. There is a wave of competition and disruption out there ready to sweep you away.

The challenge facing brands and marketers cannot be understated. 

We’ve seen the wave of disruption slam into traditional media. Television and print were among the first to be trammeled through competition from social media channels, online classifieds and now Netflix, Presto and friends.

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The power of micro moments are reshaping the consumer, your brand and the marketing funnel

Many of you are right now setting the course for your brand in 2016, right? Well, at BrandManager this month the focus is on developments and insights that we’ve identified as ‘game-changing’ - those trends that represent a new frontier for marketers.

One of the most intriguing of these is the all-powerful, all-fleeting micro moment.

The micro moment has emerged from within the world of mobile device users. It is the moment of action, born of a need. The need to know, the need to do, the need to go and the need to buy.

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Topics: Branding, Strategy, Content Marketing