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4 reasons why visual content is a must to drive engagement

People always associate the word ‘content’ with long copy and blog articles. But what about ‘visual’ content? Content Marketing these days is so much more than just writing articles.

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Topics: Branding, Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation

16 of the most powerful tactics to get more social media followers

At some point in time, every marketer has asked the question - what’s the best online marketing strategy to get more followers on social media? You probably have too, right?

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Topics: Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media

How Relevant will your Brand Strategy be in 2016?

With marketing trends continually shifting and evolving, your company’s branding strategy faces new threats and challenges in order to stay relevant. The four main factors that prove to be critical to brand growth and survival for 2016 are not stand-alone, but do offer a strong base for the strategy of your brand. These are elements you can incorporate into your brand strategy to stay relevant in 2016.

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Topics: Digital, Branding, Marketing, Strategy, Social Media