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15 awesome things I learnt at Inbound15

The traditional advertising playbook is broken. To build a brand and generate qualified leads in today’s overly connected world you need to think differently. Digital marketing firm, TapInfluence estimated that 200 million people globally are now using adblockers – applications that stop users seeing advertising on their desktop computers or mobile devices. A growing trend that is up 41% from the previous year and estimated to cost publishers $31.2 billion in lost revenue this year. Communicating your message to the end consumer is getting more and more challenging.

Recently I joined 14,000 digital marketers in Boston to learn, experience and share a whole new marketing approach that is cutting through the clutter of communication and not only reaching the end consumer, but actually engaging with them at a more meaningful level. Hosted by leading marketing software giant, HubSpot, the four day, Inbound15 conference centred around a new strategy called Inbound Marketing.

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Topics: Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing