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4 SEO Techniques That Actually Boost Search Rankings

Have you noticed lately, there's a lot of business’s who are ramping up their SEO efforts? I suspect this has something to do with the focus on content creation and the potential of new traffic through blogs and social media. Whatever the case, there's a few critical rules that every single marketer needs to know when it comes to on-page optimisation and increasing your conversion rates.

With Google now looking at over 200 factors when ranking a website, it so hard for us to know which one to focus on and what steps we need to follow to improve our search rankings? It's like a difficult jigsaw puzzle. Well for those of you that are still trying to do battle against Google and need some quick tips on improving your search results, here are ‘The Four Most Important Rules for Increase Search Rankings’;

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18 essential elements for an effective online marketing strategy

Smart, connected devices are starting to ring in a new era for marketing and 51% of the world’s top marketers expect it will revolutionise the marketing landscape by 2020.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived and will explode to an estimated 40 billion connected devices in just a few years. So with almost everyone and everything connected to the internet getting your online marketing strategy right will be paramount. IoT presents opportunities for real-time engagement and customer service – but you have to be found first! That’s why we've put together this smart checklist for you as a guide to creating an effective online marketing strategy.

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Topics: Digital, Marketing, Strategy, Content Marketing