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Converting visitors into leads on your website - Marketing Minute 109

So, you’ve got visitors to your website but how do you convert these visitors into leads?

The first thing to do is to think about why they are there on your website in the first place. Generally people are on your website for two reasons, a bit of entertainment or for information. Your customers, or your potential customers, are going through a particular pain point or a search for something that they need. Therefore they are on your website for a potential solution to this problem.

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How to attract the right visitors to your website

To turn strangers into website visitors, you need to communicate to them as people with relevant, timely content that is valuable to them.

It’s no longer a numbers game. Thousands of hits or traffic to your website, likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter or connections on LinkedIn really doesn’t amount to much if they are the wrong people. Nowadays it’s all about quality instead of quantity.

So attracting the right people to your website is paramount but where are they and how do you reach them?

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Inbound Marketing: Why you need to embrace this or be left behind

Inbound Marketing is not a new concept; in fact it has been tried and tested by large marketing departments and SME's – since 2006. Today, the theory has evolved; grown up into what has become the most effective marketing technique for brands of all sizes and ages.

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What's happened to Marketing Minutes?

Our weekly injection of marketing tips and inspiration continue next week with a great new series we have been developing for you all about the massive shift from traditional outbound marketing to powerful inbound methodology.

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