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How mobile is your brand?

The 2012 annual Sensis e-Business Report tells us an average 58 per cent of Australian’s with mobile phones now use their phone to access the internet – up from 26 per cent just a few years ago. Those stats however get even more impressive when we look around the globe as Google reports:

  • 9 of 10 phones sold are smartphones
  • iPad or tablet purchases grew 400% in 2011
  • More Android devices (around 700,000) are activated each day than babies born!
  • 89 per cent of people use their mobile devices to access the web every day in Spain, 93 per cent in the UK, 90 per cent in France and 85 per cent in Germany

It is expected that by the close of 2013 more people will access the web through a mobile device than through a computer. So why is it that only around 15% of Australian companies have a digital business strategy?

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The power of video

Where’s your YouTube Channel? Without one you are missing out on a potential audience of over 800 million unique users using 400 million devices. Product demos, client testimonials, 'how to' clips and business profiles are so much more effective with quality, high definition video.

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