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An insight into Coca-Cola Brand Strategies

Times are in deed changing and Coca-Cola has revealed their strategy and what they are hoping to strive towards by 2020. It’s interesting to note that they are incorporating the social media world as their main tool in this innovative new approach by the “intention to move from creative excellence to content excellence”.   In short, Coca-Cola wants to use interactive feedback and online consumer dialogue tools to listen to their fans, interact with them and understand how to use this research to expand their creativity and ideas.

Coca-Cola are amending their 70:20:10 rule where 70% is low risk content, 20% is medium risk content and 10% is high risk content. Coca-Cola believes that they should focus more on the ‘risky’ 10%, as it is these ideas that could well become tomorrow’s 20 or 70% share of revenue.

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LinkedIn for business success

LinkedIn has become the most powerful social media platform in Australia with over 3 million members to date that use the system solely for business and networking purposes without potentially meeting face-to-face.  More businesses are utilising LinkedIn for Business-to-Business interaction than ever before -making connections, generating leads, entering and participating in forums, launching products and services globally or doing real business transactions – a world of business is just a click away.

So why is LinkedIn important for your business right now?

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