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5 ways to overcome your marketing problems with automation software


In today’s cluttered and digitally connected world, inbound marketing makes great sense. By now you would have grasped the importance of changing your focus from outbound advertising that people are switching off too, to rich relevant content marketing that your customers want more of.

But to do this effectively you need to understand your buyer persona, create relevant bi-weekly blog posts, email nurturing campaigns, daily social media posts, landing pages with offers and son on. Then measure it all in real-time and make adjustments – Who’s got the time for all that?

Well, this is where technology becomes your friend – enter the world of marketing automation software. Marketing automation software relates to platforms that have been designed for marketing departments and organisations to more effectively market themselves across multiple channels online and then automate tasks. A kind of ‘set and forget’ methodology to the marketing process. So here are five ways that marketing automation software can solve some of your marketing headaches …

1. How do I manage my message over multiple channels?

When it comes to communicating your brand across multiple channels, automation software can help you plan, schedule, manage and check the effectiveness of everything you do. Compile your blogs and send them, post and schedule to all your social channels and co-ordinate your whole email marketing campaign – all from one system. Once you have attracted visitors, you can use offers and forms created within the software to capture valuable information and analyse and prioritise leads accordingly.

2. How do I generate content people want to read?

Knowing how you are communicating your message is one thing, knowing what to say is another. Marketing automation software like HubSpot allows you to create a buyer persona for your target market so you understand who you are communicating to and then develop a campaign to deliver your themes and messaging throughout the year on a content calendar. There are even built-in tools to generate effective headings and ideas for your blog and social posts.


3. How do I stop wasting time on unqualified leads?

By measuring the interaction points of your visitors and leads, marketing automation software helps you determine when a lead is ready to convert. If someone has visited your website, downloaded an ebook, read your blog, engaged on social media and found themselves on one of your landing pages they are becoming more engaged and the software will rate them accordingly. This is called Lead Scoring and enables you to focus on these qualified leads whilst the rest are left to nurture down the funnel.

4. How do I build Brand Ambassadors not just customers?

Winning a customer is just the start of the relationship building process. It’s the process of delighting your customers so that they come back for more and share their great experience with others that will make them a brand ambassador.

Marketing Automation Software gives you the tools you need to deliver specialised content delivered at the right time to the right people using smart lists and workflows. It’s now about educating your customer to be better and smarter at what they do.

5. How do I get real, measurable ROI for my marketing spend?

You need software with realtime displays of detailed data on the performance elements of your campaign. You want to know how many people opened on your email, clicked on your blog, how your keywords are performing, how landing page A is doing compared to landing page B, who is reading your social messaging, who is sharing your social messaging and so on. Great marketing automation software will give you metrics on all of these and more. In 2014, an MIT Sloan MBA student completed a research study on the ROI of using HubSpot's marketing automation software. The highlights of the results were that 74% of customers saw an increase in sales revenue within 7 months. A recent study of 14 companies that compared half using HubSpot software and the other half who didn’t delivered some outstanding results – view the full survey results here 

On first look, Inbound Marketing and HubSpot’s marketing automation software may seem a little overwhelming – perhaps even confusing. But with just a little tutelage and direction, you’ll see you can master the methodology and the platform, and as a result improve content creation and deploy and measure online marketing campaigns faster and far more effectively than ever before. For more information on getting started with HubSpot visit

Your goal is to nuture your leads by solving their problems and pain points with your content, expertise and then, eventually your product or service. Download our FREE e-book below that will tkae you through the entire Inbound Marketing methodology and help you undrstand how this can build your business, customers and sales.

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