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Is Managing the Overall Content Production Process a Challenge for Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Over the last few years, content marketing has caused an upheaval in the way B2B marketing is done. Sales reps and cold calling has given way to informative and engaging content, as brands struggle to capture attention in an environment where attention spans are shrinking, and buyers are leading themselves through the buying journey with new technologies.

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Why 78% of marketers are choosing Inbound

You've heard about Inbound Marketing methodology, but you’re not so sure how it replaces the outbound marketing methods you've been using for years.

The truth is that if 78% of marketers (according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2015) are using inbound marketing, there’s a good chance they too came from an outbound marketing background. So, in order to help you understand why you should move to inbound marketing from outbound, I’ve have highlighted what outbound marketing techniques you can replace with inbound marketing.

By replacing each element of your outbound marketing strategy with your new inbound marketing strategy, you will have a filled marketing strategy that meets goals for higher conversation rate and increased ROI.

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The Mechanics behind higher resulting Websites

Most people think about designing a good website in terms of CTA, landing pages and leads - however they forget that there’s more to website mechanics than where to place your footer and whether or not your website is “flat”. What many people probably don’t know is that reverse engineering experience and intent has an equally important to website conversions.

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Is your B2B sales and marketing funnel shrinking? What would a leading marketing expert like Rand Fishkin do?

Why do sales and marketing funnels shrink, leak and dry up?

If you are asking yourself this question in order to shape your strategy going forward, congratulations! The funnel carries your lifeblood. Strengthening it and shaping it is akin to keeping fit for the sake of your heart.

If you are asking yourself this question in the grip of shrinking market share or disruption from a new and agile competitor, this post will help you administer first aid.

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What is Growth-Driven Design?

When you’re trying to make the claim that your company’s website needs a refresh can often fall upon deaf ears. The stigma attached to website re-designs are pretty well founded; it’s a drawn out process that is quite painful for everyone involved. And then there’s the cost… That’s a whole other story.

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How Growth-Driven Design Improves your Marketing

It’s the new buzz-word in the industry that’s doing the rounds in meeting rooms and at marketing events, but what is it about Growth-Driven Design that makes it so diverse and easy to apply to all areas of your marketing strategy?

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Want Better ROI on Your B2B Marketing Strategy? Ditch the Sales Pipeline and Focus on the Customer


You probably don’t need us to tell you that buyer behaviour has undergone a revolution over the last few years. B2B companies have been aware of the change in consumer habits and preferences for some time now. But, for the most part, this hasn’t been reflected in their B2B marketing strategy. One area that is seriously due for an overhaul is the way in which sales teams interact with customers. Companies that have been successfully navigating this new consumer landscape, where the customer is in charge, have largely been those whose sales teams have learned to loosen the reigns, and let the customer take the lead while they listen, learn, engage, and follow up.

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How to get Marketing ROI with HubSpot

You might have been using HubSpot for a few months now and you’re not sure if it’s really working in terms of ROI. Unfortunately, when you’re in this position, it can be easy to get frustrated and give up altogether. You might even be considering whether you should stay with HubSpot, or start looking for another platform. But before you do, read on.

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9 Things we love about HubSpot and 2 we don’t


We’ve been using HubSpot for ourselves and across our clients for a number of years now, so we’ve got a good idea of what we like within the platform and what we’re not so crazy about. No matter what, we have chosen to stay with HubSpot because we know that the methodology that the platform has been built on is invaluable.

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An automated marketing platform can solve even your biggest B2B marketing challenges

If you’re in the B2B marketing space, you’re probably aware that the marketing climate has changed significantly.

But did you know that 50% of B2B sales staff consistently miss their quotas. AND 80% of the purchase cycle has already been completed before a buyer has had any contact with a salesperson.

The problem is that most B2B companies are still operating with outdated B2B marketing strategy, systems, and mindset that don’t successfully navigate them through this new customer-centered market.

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