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Attending Conferences as a marketer: Networking for Leads

Too many articles exist that tell marketers to “work the room”, or “follow up with potential leads”, but there’s nothing really substantial that you don’t already know being shared. What about the practical things a marketer needs in order to create the most effortless conference experience; one where people seek you and where your services are followed up by potential clients? As monotonous as industry conferences can sometimes be, they are a must for marketers who want to show their genuine beliefs that they can serve potential leads better than any other company.

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Introducing the Chief Marketing Technologist


If you are in marketing, you’d better understand what the new role, of Chief Marketing Technologist, is all about.

The Havard Business Review summed up the CMT as “a new type of executive responsible for bringing marketing and technology together”[1].

Simply put, the CMT is the bridge between a CMO and CIO: her task to wisely direct the growing marketing spend on technology whilst translating marketing requirements for IT.

The more marketing invests in systems, software and services that can augment other business functions; the greater the need for someone with broad insight into the deployment, integration and analysis of such technology.

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The Marketer’s SEO Checklist

At The BrandManager, we have an SEO checklist we follow when applying it to on-page content optimisation. Our SEO checklist ensures that we are maintaining our website content strategy for lead generation. There are plenty of techniques that exist  to improve your search rankings - here are 4 that we’ve already discussed - but what are the actual elements for successful content optimisation on any one of your website pages?

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What does a good b2b content strategy look like

Content marketing alone won’t deliver organic traffic. Content marketing employed strategically will deliver the organic traffic you want and need.’ (Neil Patel)

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘content is king’. But if you think that simply creating reams of content is going to make you a great marketer, think again. Creating content for the sake of creating content will have you joining the ranks of B2B companies who waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on content that’s not aligned with their customers’ journey, and produces little in terms of ROI.

Something that will help you avoid this situation is a content strategy. You’ve probably heard the term being thrown about a lot, but may still be wondering what on earth a good B2B content strategy actually looks like.

If that’s the case, follow the steps we have here, and you’ll be well on the way to creating a content strategy that will help you cut down on wasted time and money, and produce an ROI that will be the envy of your competitors. 

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What Makes a Good Website According to the experts

Some of you may be pleased to know that I almost titled this blog post “Marketing Leaders Tear Shreds off Small Business Websites” but each of you would have felt cheated because it’s a flat out lie and blatant click-bait.

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Creating an Effective Personalised Marketing Experience

creating-an-effective-personalised-marketing-experience.jpgMost marketers understand “personalisation” as automated actions like sending emails that say “Hi [insert name]”, or recommending products based on previous searches, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re one of the 81% of marketers whose data has improved customer engagement through personalisation, get ready to take the next step with Smart Content.

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The New Science of Engagement Marketing

 Why old school tactics don't cut it anymore

The challenges of the digital marketplace can appear at times quite overwhelming for the modern marketer. Like a vast ocean of opportunities where the waters are calm and seemingly inviting one minute, yet stormy and unpredictable the next. For a business, navigating through these ‘uncharted waters’ can be daunting yet for today’s consumer this is their environment where they move at speed, expecting marketers to explore, adapt and invent new ways of engaging with them.

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What is marketing automation software and why do I need it?

Taking the plunge into the world of marketing automation is daunting - especially when you have a system that’s worked pretty well for you over the last few years. The thing about marketing automation software is that it doesn’t claim to do anything amazing - that’s your job. All it does is follow your lead. But one thing that is a result of great marketing automation software is the time it gives back to you - which is what makes it so important for professional marketing managers.

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How to Measure Operational Efficiencies of Content Production in B2B Marketing


‘What gets measured gets improved’, Neil Sharma, leadership coach and author

B2B companies are spending more and more money on B2B content marketing these days. A whole lot more. In fact, in the US alone, it has been estimated that B2B companies spend $5.2bn on content creation, which is equivalent to around 55% of their marketing budgets. You would hope that with such a huge amount of expenditure going towards content that marketing executives would have ways to know what was working and what wasn’t, but according to the latest Gleanster report,  ‘The $958m Marketing Problem’, that’s often not the case.

So what is the $958m B2B content marketing problem? It’s the amount of money that’s wasted on ineffective content due mostly to clumsy content management. That’s around $120,000 per year per medium to large company. 

So what’s going on? Are we just creating content for content’s sake? 

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Is Managing the Overall Content Production Process a Challenge for Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Over the last few years, content marketing has caused an upheaval in the way B2B marketing is done. Sales reps and cold calling has given way to informative and engaging content, as brands struggle to capture attention in an environment where attention spans are shrinking, and buyers are leading themselves through the buying journey with new technologies.

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