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Marketing Minute 57: Branding The Apple Way Part Two: Don't Take Short Cuts


Simplicity may be a key part of Apple's success, but don't mistake this for minimal effort. A lot of hard work goes into distilling brands, concepts and products into their more effective simplicity.


Welcome back to the five keys to Apple’s brand success from a recent press conference held by Apple’s leaders. We’re up to Number Two – don’t take short cuts.

Apple believes that it’s hard work that produces great products. It also believes in simplicity over complexity. The success of their iPod was that it was basically easier to use. It had fewer buttons, looked nicer, synced with iTunes, and was the only music player at the time that could play songs from the iTunes Music Store.

Steve Jobs introduced at Apple a thing called The Simple Stick. Sometimes it's held up as inspiration, other times it's wielded like a caveman's club - a deep, almost religious belief in the power of simplicity.

Whether it’s social media, your company website, a brochure or a digital marketing strategy – don’t take shortcuts, do your research first. We recently conducted a Focus Group with two groups of ‘potential customers’ for a new restaurant before even deciding on the name let alone the look, food style or brand. It’s not rocket science – find out what your customers want by asking them and the develop the product or service that meets that need.

I’m Tony Eades from the BrandManager and I’ll be back soon with another Marketing Minute.

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