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Marketing Minute 56: Branding The Apple Way Part One: Engage Your Team

Branding The Apple Way

How do the most innovative organisations in the world ensure that they are consistently cultivating innovation? Step one is to engage the team.


On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs pulled a 6.5-ounce chunk of stainless steel, white plastic, and electronic goodness out of his left jeans pocket, introducing a crowd of reporters to the iPod. 

This small product – which oddly wasn’t even a core computer product - changed the future of Apple and saved the company. At a press conference recently Apple’s leaders gave us their five keys to their brand’s success and we’re going to cover these over the next few weeks.

Number one is – engage your team.

Like any dynamic brand Apple believe that the healthiest ideas come from vigorous debate. Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt shares the same belief by using the 70/20/10 model to cultivate innovation. He encourages Google employees should to utilise their time in the following ratio:

  1. 70% of time should be dedicated to core business tasks.
  2. 20% to projects related to the core business.
  3. 10% to projects unrelated to the core business.

Coca Cola uses the same principle to - about 70% of their marketing investment is in the “Now”, or established and successful programs; 20% goes to “new,” or emerging trends that are starting to gain traction; and 10% goes to “next”, ideas.

So allocate 20 to 30% of your team’s working time on innovation. As a business owner or manager you don’t have all the answers but collectively as a team you have a powerhouse of ideas to inspire your brand.

I’m Tony Eades from the BrandManager and I’ll be back soon with another Marketing Minute.

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