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Marketing Minute 59: Branding The Apple Way Part Four: Love Your Customers!


A key part to successful branding is, of course, getting your customers on board. Apple is well-known for the brand loyalty of its customers. So how do they do it?


The five keys to Apple’s brand success - Number Four – love your customers.

People who use competing products just don’t get the loyalty of Apple users.

Even in Korea where 44,000 smartphone owners were surveyed - Apple scored higher in customer satisfaction than the country’s native, Samsung.

Understanding what your customers want and delivering products that solve that need is paramount but then adding to that service and back-up support for those products is the golden nugget. In essence once a customer has engaged with your brand they need to feel that they can’t do without you.

So what’s next for loyal Apple customers? Apple plans to get all their magic to occur when you’re on the go, driving in your car. They are talking to auto manufacturers on how to integrate a simplified version of iOS into the built-in screen of the vehicle and allow you to navigate it simply, mostly with Siri and voice commands. Could this be the iCar?

I’m Tony Eades from the BrandManager and I’ll be back soon with another Marketing Minute.

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